Sunday, May 11, 2008

Museum and canal

This Sunday was the last opportunity to go to a museum with the children. The sky was a perfect blue, the kind you rarely see in the Netherlands. Usually there's a cloud somewhere, encouraging some painter. But since may 4, 2008 a cloudless sky changes this 'may vacation' into a great vacation. We worked in the garden most of the time. We have an olive tree, figs, apple, wine… but today we went to HOORN with the bus. We rode for free because the bus employees are on a strike. The museum was pleasant because no one else thought of going to a museum with this weather. The children did a puzzle search and were in deep concentration. Until the smallest of us wanted ice-cream. Luckily the museum faced a canal. We could eat our ice-cream sitting on a gently rocking boat terrace under the shade of a parasol. Not a bad idea after all.

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