Monday, April 28, 2008

facebook writing

I've sent a mail to someone at facebook that I want to share here:

Hi, I'm a mom living in the Netherlands and recently created a group/platform who say education can improve to be more motivating.
In Dutch:
I also write in English at
There are examples of education that is cooperative (Freinet started this last century and this influenced education already but not enough), democratic and makes use of creativity. One of the keys of Freinet education is that children get to express thoughts freely and to share their thoughts. This faced opposition one century ago but is widely accepted now in many countries around the world.
Children expression is considered a healthy regular development method.
I watched a DVD about the Freinet movement just yesterday, but I didn't encounter a translation yet. It's in French...
this is a pitty because it shows directly in practice how fresh and participating children can be at school. Active and happy learners, what parent or educator doesn't want this for their child?

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