Tuesday, April 1, 2008

dvd's about (deep) learning

Yesterday I found myself searching for DVD's about Piaget and Freinet, educational thinkers. I'm sure there are other interesting dvd's to be found on educational thinkers, e.g. Feuerstein. If you know any I would appreciate any information.
The dvd's from Piaget cost more than I budgetted (250 $) but contain original classroom material of his method. I'm going to think very long if I really need it. From Freinet I found a dvd called "l'école buissonnière" about Freinet in a dramatized commedy. The dvd also contains extra documentary material. I'm waiting for the dvd to reach me by mail. It will be an extra opportunity to teach the children French, ethics and history.

Freinet's method has characteristics in common with unschooling - a recent educational development that makes me curious. Both methods have in common that there is room for deep learning as opposed to superficial learning. For more understanding, this article may provide more ellaboration on the concepts of deep learning versus superficial learning. I wonder if I can observe deep learning in the dvd's of Piaget? I expect so because of his emphasis on thinking.

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