Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weather to do chores inside

It's a very dark beginning of the year inside our house. The weather is cloudy and there is some rain, but mainly it's dark. My husband and I were both ill at the same time and with a large family this is a heavy weight for all. All went well thanks to a lovely colleague of my husband who came to the rescue. Without her it would have been -well different-. Do you have such wonderful persons around you? I feel I haven't yet found a way to do something back. I'm not going to forget about this. Now everything is back to normal, well, almost. I've more energy and I'm finally busy to tackle the boys room that looked very horrible after they have been doing the dishes and coocking meals for us. So I went in, took a deep breath and started to clean. What a difference and it took much less time than I would have anticipated.
I'm feeling a little insecure though.


blueVicar said...

John and I were just noticing that the days are definitely getting longer here...more daylight feels better.

Glad you are feeling better...sounds like you had the flu? Take it slowly until you are back to full-speed.

Meilleurs voeux!!

Odile S said...

Hi blueV,

It's been such a dark start of the year. The upside is that my article on blogging has been published in an e-zine. The sun starts to shine again here and I'm even going to do some community work for the school of the boys collecting old paper.

It's great to feel better.

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