Saturday, February 23, 2008

Learn French from the British

If you're interested in learning a language it might be useful to answer some questions on the site of the BBC to find out your pitfalls and strong points.
Starting with simple sentences in the first three months is something that the BBC encourages with beginners.
And now for something completely different...


YEL said...

Hi, I am mostly a silent visitor of your blog, but this time I didn’t want to go by without thanking you for sharing this very useful link. Thank you and regards.

samlcarr said...

Thanks for the tip Odile. My son John Rommel is just learning French (or trying to) and this looks like a great place to help him out.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t really gain anything from taking the questionaire. But then I already took a course to learn french, and I know a few computer programming languages as well, so picking up a new language is pretty easy for me and doesn’t take long.

I can see how the questionaire would be hellishly useful to other people though, maybe someone who has just taken on a french client at work, or just someone going on holiday to france who would rather avoid the touristy places but then feels the need to converse with the locals in french.

Odile S said...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog and leaving a comment. Sam, how is your son progressing?
I'm in the midst of school turmoil with a son going to the bigger school (how do you say middle education again in the American system? I remember my teacher writing it down once at school but lost the content somewhere. I love to learn languages, BTW.

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