Thursday, August 9, 2007

factor analysis and creation

On a post comment on Ktismatics, whom I like to read for personal growth, ktismatics wrote to me personally:

Sometimes you present your ideas in a form that’s perfectly understandable but phrased in an uncommon way. As with poetry, the unusual wording causes the reader to pay closer attention to what’s being said, to consider things from a slightly different perspective.

The puzzling thing is that I have a slightly different perspective
in Dutch
and French as well. (I'm half Dutch, half French.)
makes me think
that I might have my
axes slightly rotated
if we would do a factor analysis of concepts and
that we relate to them.

And I know that the picture is not one of axes that are rotated
like in the
book, but that's exactly the kind of transformation I would do
with information.
I add something that wasn't there in the manual.

And note that on the sphere, where the lines meet, the axes look orthogonal.

And this
is what ktismatics is
teaching us, showing us with the practice of creation.
How to read,
observe with our creation button ON.


ktismatics said...

I think it's a good idea to rotate one's axes from time to time. This is a very good image for seeing things differently. Noise can be transformed into information when you rotate the axes; seemingly random events turn out to cluster together along previously hidden dimensions.

Odile S said...

Factor analysis was my prefered method of analysing data in psychology because of this. Factors appeared to be slightly different from theory.

ktismatics said...

I like the new look for chez Odile. It seems, though, that you are busy with other matters.

Odile S said...

It's true, c'est la rentrée des classes ici.
My daughter has mooved from our house and started at a very good school, far away. My boys already went to another school, and now my two youngest also are going to another school. For the first time in years yesterday, I had all children in a good school.
It feels strange and I have to refind my rhythm.
We haven't sold the house yet, it was a very quiet summer in the house selling business.

ktismatics said...

Yes, our daughter started high school a week ago, and after some confusions for the first couple of days things seem to be settling down. I'm glad you've found good places for your children to learn.

Odile S said...

I'm cautiously optimistic this year. The first week was rather positive.

*new* item at Chez Odile is the metachat where Creatives and Thinkers meet.


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