Sunday, July 8, 2007

update on writing

To my light surprise I've been asked to write an article about blogging for a Dutch e-zine about writing. The e-zine attracts writers that have higher aims on content and style issues. I'm myself not the most eloquent of the bundle, I consider myself a writer of content.
Will this be a next step in building a carreer in writing? Hope so.

Except for writing letters for organisations, critics of theater plays and a book in two languages, my writing experience consists of blogging since november last year.

Being clear and twisting ears are two conscious competing aims that I try to satisfy whenever I write. This makes me feel both awkward and relaxed around writers who aim to write with style. There aren't many writers in the Netherlands that write about writing, let alone non-fiction. Maybe it's because it's a small country with a limited number of people who speak the language and a limited number of writers.

I'm very happy to try and a little worried about it. Or is it just arousal?

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