Sunday, July 1, 2007

books for children are scaffolds for development

In an earlier post I told you about scaffolds. Scaffolds are a very workable teaching method that helps students and children to surpass themselves. The idea is that what you teach should be slightly more difficult than what the student masters at that moment.
Now how can we build those scaffolds?
One way is creating books that contain stories that in some way helps children to reach a higher level of morals, reading skills, vocabulary, understanding of emotions, historical awareness,...
For surcharged parents and teachers, these books are a great help to build their children's character. After reading a part of the book, you can talk about your own ideas about what is written in the book, and ask what your child thinks about it.
If you want to go ahead and write a book, why not enter a competition? Maybe you will end up getting published. Good luck!


john doyle said...

I wonder if this organization will also sponsor competitions for children who write stories. My daughter participates in an online "fan fiction" collective, where individual kids write stories based on Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. The original stories serve as a scaffold, establishing the setting, history and core characters. Kids then write their own plots, add new characters, and so on. Readers then get to comment on, critique, and encourage each other. Our daughter has learned a lot about writing, and become a better writer, by reading and writing fan fiction.

Odile S said...

They might sponsor children, I thought.
I know a young woman that started writing on fan fiction and now is finishing her studies at a University. She says her English improved more with fan fiction than it did at school.
It sounds like much fun to write fan fiction like that. It's great that so many people encourage each other and it shows once again how useful scaffolds are.

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