Saturday, November 3, 2007

Puzzle Sunday (27)

It's a puzzle that the string of keywords 'puzzle of the road to the guillotine french revolution' leads to my blog.
My feelings about these brute periods in history are still in a moratorium.
Should I take responsibility or at least a stand?
I prefer to look at the process than at the guilt, although I'm sure guilt exists.
The process and the road can be equated. I suppose the craziest stand would be that it's Descartes who led to the use of the guillotine.
The question if existence is thinking, may have led to the idea to stop one to exist is to stop one from thinking and the locus of thinking is in the head.
The revolutionary martyr Marat was interred along with Mirabeau, Descartes and Voltaire.
The lesson might be: Killing the person is not going to stop thinking.

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