Friday, April 13, 2007

change the environment

Within a week my son has changed immensely from on the brink of depressed to active, happy, making new friends and doing work at school and cleaning up his room at home. Is the effect of a change of environment that effective? There are some factors that are favorable: (1) more independance in going to school, (2) positive children, (3) school is explicitely creative, every day there is time to do creative play with gardening, building, painting, construction; thinking about what you want to do(4) positive communication directly with the children, (5) every child has their own programm with different levels. He communicates about this directly with the teacher.

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ktismatics said...

What is happening with your son must make your whole family much happier. His new experience verifies your ideas: it isn't the child's fault; it's the school's fault. Ineffective schools create frustrated students.

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